No formal qualifications are required for entry into this course.

Designed to fit around a full-time career, it allows students to study online with access to innovative internet tools, hyperlinks to reference sites, videos, examples and step-by-step guides for putting the theory into practice.

1Customs Environment & Business Communication


An overview of the customs environment

Books of reference

The changing face of communication

Spoken messages

Written messages

Meeting matters: agendas and minutes

Visual messages

2Classification of GoodsThe principles of tariff classification

An overview of legal notes

What are explanatory notes?

General rules of interpretation

Pros and cons of using internet tools such as google & others to classify goods

Classification opinions by both local customs administration and the WCO

3Customs ValuationHistorical background to various valuation agreements used in international trade.

WTO Valuation methods


Botswana legislation on customs valuation

Drafting valuation appeals

4Origin & PreferencesWhat are rules of origin and their uses?

Rules of Origin for SADC, COMESA, TFTA and AfCFTA and a comparison of the same.

Rules of origin for bilateral agreements with Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and Mozambique

Botswana legislation on rules of origin

Registration process

Customs enforcement, penalties and customs audits

Drafting origin & preference appeals

5Import Procedures & Calculation of DutyAn overview of international trade


Imports by rail

Imports by road

Imports by air

Imports by multimodal transport

Import controls

Trade agreements: IEPA, SADC, COMESA, and AfCFTA

6Export ProceduresAn overview of Botswana`s trade performance

Legislation regulating exports


Exchange controls

Export controls in general

Exporting to the EU, SADC, COMESA, AfCFTA

7SAD FramingDocuments required for customs clearance.

Document processing procedure

Completion of SAD

Class exercises

8Trade & GenderTrade and Gender Linkages

The Economy as a Gendered Structure

The Trade and Gender Relationship

Mainstreaming Gender in Trade Policy

The Effects of Trade on Women’s Well-being and Economic Empowerment

Women as Producers Women as Consumers

Women as Taxpayers

Gender-Based Inequalities and Trade Performance

The Unsustainability of an Export Strategy Based on Gender Inequality

9Customs ReliefsTypes of customs reliefs available

Legislation providing for customs reliefs (Rebates, suspension of duty, bonded warehousing, etc.)

Bonded warehousing

Inward processing rebates

Temporary Imports

Drawback of duty

10Customs Law, Offences & Penal ProvisionsThe Customs & Excise Act and Its Structure

Common Definitions


11Trade Facilitation & Non-tariff Barriers to TradeAn overview of trade facilitation

WTO Agreement on trade facilitation

WCO Revised Kyoto Convention

Non-tariff barriers and reporting system

Trade facilitation in RECs (SADC, COMESA and AfCFTA)

Customs modernisation case studies (e.g. Mauritius, Uganda, Rwanda)

Botswana`s experiences

12ICT in Customs Operations Definition and Development of e-commerce

E-Commerce marketing

E-Commerce legal & security issues

E- Commerce implementation costs

Steps to start-up on-line business

Steps to set-up e-commerce website for advertising purposes

Digitalisation and international trade

ICT in customs environment

13Excise Management TechniquesOverview of Excise duty in Botswana

Manufacturers of Excisable goods in Botswana

Requirements of an applicant to manufacture excisable goods.

Obligations of an Excise officer

Production account point

Excise Accounts

Excise returns

Excise duty on airtime and change of ownership

14Business Ethics and Cooperate GovernanceIntroduction to corporate governance

Models and mechanisms of corporate governance

Shareholders and stakeholders

Board of directors

Audit committee

Corporate governance in clearing agency business

Corporate scandals

Integrity & Anti-corruption

Corporate responsibility


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