The World Trade Organisation (WTO) is facing significant challenges – the appetite for multilateral trade governance solutions is at a low point.

1International tradeAn overview of international trade

The Ricardian Model- Comparative advantage

Heckscher – Ohlin model

The standard trade model

Trade policy instruments

WTO/ Trade agreements

2International trade law & policyInternational trade: defining features

Appraising the foundations of international trade policy

Foundation of international trade law

Current issues in international governance

3Trade defence mechanismsDefinition of trade defense tools

EU trade defense policy

Trade defense instruments in EPA, SADC, COMESA, TFTA and AfCFTA

Botswana legislation and procedures on trade defense instruments

4Trade facilitation
5Trade in servicesWhy are services important for trade and development?

WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)

Current status of negotiations in trade in services

Botswana`s service sector

6Trade negotiationsExport Market Research & Intelligence gathering

An overview of trade negotiations.

Types of trade negotiations

Approached to and tools of trade negotiations

Core principles of African trade negotiators

Simulating trade negotiations outcome

7Rules of originWhat are rules of origin and their uses?

Rules of Origin for SADC, COMESA, TFTA and AfCFTA and a comparison of the same.

Rules of origin for bilateral agreements with Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and Mozambique

Botswana legislation on rules of origin

Registration process

Customs enforcement, penalties and customs audits

Drafting origin & preference appeals

8Trade data analysisTrade Policy Formulation

Importance of trade data in economic analysis

Sources of trade data

Use and Abuse of trade data

Basic data manipulation

Data Visualisation, Dissemination and Analysis

9Trade in the digital economyDefinition and Development of e-commerce

E-Commerce marketing

E-Commerce legal & security issues

E- Commerce implementation costs

Steps to start-up on-line business

Steps to set-up e-commerce website for advertising purposes

Digitalisation and international trade

10Trade and Gender EqualityTrade and Gender Linkages

The Economy as a Gendered Structure

The Trade and Gender Relationship

Mainstreaming Gender in Trade Policy

The Effects of Trade on Women’s Well-being and Economic Empowerment

Women as Producers Women as Consumers

Women as Taxpayers

Gender-Based Inequalities and Trade Performance

The Unsustainability of an Export Strategy Based on Gender Inequality

11Project ManagementProject management life cycle

Project management scope and formulation

Project management skills

Project planning

Project implementation

Project evaluation

Leadership Skills

Personal development

12Research MethodsCourse overview

Literature reviews and data base searches

Research Ethics

Qualitative Methods

Quantitative Methods

Research Analysis

How to write up a research project (e.g. Dissertation)

Verbal Presentations on research proposals


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